As a speaker

Proposal deadline:  17 October, 2017

Please include your name, academic title(s) and affiliation(s), e-mail address, phone number, presentation title and a 500-word (2000 symbols) abstract.

The general principles are:

Paper presentation (20-minute presentation + 5-minute Q & A)
Workshop – 50 minutes

Instructions for presenters
Before the Presentation

• If the presentation has embedded audio or video files with avi, .wmv, .wma, mpeg4, .mp3 file extensions, please make sure they are compatible with Windows Media Player.
• Presenters are advised to bring their presentation file in a portable format (USB/Flash Drive).  Please send your presentation to the conference secretary at to test and pre-load the PowerPoint presentation no later than on 20 November.

During the Presentation
• The Chairperson of the session will introduce the name and the affiliation of each  presenter and the topic before the presentation.
• The presenter can start the presentation after the introduction.
• The Chairperson will give a signal when 1 minute is left for the presentation. He/She will give another signal when the allocated time is over. The presenter has to stop the presentation when the second signal is given.
• The Chairperson will invite 1-2 questions from the floor.
• Do not exit your PowerPoint presentation until the end of the Q & A session.

If you are not able to fulfill your commitment, please contact the conference secretary at but no later than 18 November 2017.


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